Triple H On WWE Superstars Airing Grievances In Public

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Social media has made pro wrestling journalism much more interesting. A WWE Superstar can change an entire day’s news cycle with one tweet. Whether you’re talking about someone asking for their WWE release or saying that “WWE doesn’t care about black people.” Triple H is not a fan of this tactic.

During a recent teleconference for NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Triple H addressed the growing trend of WWE Superstars airing their grievances online. He said that Twitter is not the place for that and neither is going to the media. If you have a problem with anything, then just pick up the phone.

“That ain’t the place to do it. We all have phones. You handle your business like a professional”

We’ll have to see if anyone takes Triple H up on this suggestion. In the meantime, it doesn’t seem to help WWE Superstars get released from their contracts by going about it in a public fashion. If anything, the company can simply sit them at home and freeze their deals for as long as they like.

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