Pro wrestlers do not have a union. This is something that could help wrestlers out a lot, but it has never been able to come together yet. If history has told us anything, it will be very hard to accomplish as well.

Rhyno is no longer with WWE, but he spent more than enough time under contract with Vince McMahon’s company. He spoke to The Mirror recently where the hot-button subject of unionization in pro wrestling was brought up. This is not a new subject and Rhyno has heard it several times before, but he’s under the opinion that it just wouldn’t work in pro wrestling.

“It wouldn’t work, it would kill the industry. When you look at unions for things like movies it works because movies are planned so far in advance and actors/actresses get the scripts and have to accept it or turn it down. But wrestling is so fast-paced and changes that it just wouldn’t work. I come from Detroit which is a union town, so I get having unions in certain industries, but it wouldn’t work in wrestling.”

“It would kill the independent scene and a lot of start-up promotions. Lots of states in America have commissions and stuff that creates more hoops for them to jump through and we all know that most companies don’t make a lot of money as it is, so to have these extra hurdles would kill a lot of companies.”


To unionize, every wrestler in a company would need to sign on. This would be very hard to do, especially in a larger organization like WWE where top names make millions of dollars more than lower tier talent.

It could very well trickle down to the indies and as Rhyno explained, there are a lot of issues that some fans and wrestlers just haven’t considered yet.

Felix Upton

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