WWE Tried To Help Jordan Myles Before He Went Public With Racism Claims

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Jordan Myles left a very angry video message for WWE saying that he quit. He called his WWE name his “slave name” even though he picked it himself. Then he deleted his Twitter account.

This is a messy turn of events and very unfortunate. It all stemmed from a WWE t-shirt for Jordan Myles that resembled blackface makeup. Jordan’s former gimmick was “Smiles For Myles,” but when the image was placed on a black t-shirt on WWE’s custom print shop it really didn’t come off in the best light.

Jordan Myles approved that t-shirt, but he later had a reason why. WWE removed the t-shirt from their official shop, but Myles still wasn’t happy. He sparked an online movement #ForTheCulture and plenty of people got upset at this situation.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE tried to help Jordan Myles before he went public with this situation. Apparently, whatever WWE tried wasn’t good enough.

When it comes to WWE and Hardie Jr., WWE has very much tried to help him weeks before he went public with his issues and at the time he disappeared from Orlando

Jordan Myles is apparently already reaching out to other organizations to come in and work. It’s unknown how successful those attempts will be to find work outside of WWE. We really do hope everything works out.

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