FOX Reportedly Has Interest In AJ Lee For WWE Backstage

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CM Punk debuted on WWE Backstage this week and it was a big surprise. The first thing that Paige thought was “when is AJ Lee coming?”

As it turns out, AJ Lee might be closer to WWE Backstage than some fans would think. Brad Shepard reported on the Oh, You Didn’t Know Patreon that AJ Lee and Fox are talking about her involvement in the show as well.

According to a source in WWE, former WWE Superstar AJ Lee is in talks to occasionally appear on WWE Backstage.

AJ Lee would certainly have an opinion about WWE and pro wrestling that fans would love to hear. She could also add a lot of interest to the show because a ton of fans miss seeing her.

Mrs. CM Punk stuck around in WWE for a bit longer than her husband, but she was soon gone as well. Neither have wrestled since leaving WWE, but they have been incredibly busy with other projects. Let’s see if CM Punk changing the culture when we think we have all the questions involves bringing in his wife as well.

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