Kenny King Comes To Jay Lethal’s Defense After Jordan Myles Called Him An ‘Uncle Tom’

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Jordan Myles had a lot to say today and most of it wasn’t very good. He took a big shot at Jay Lethal by calling him an “Uncle Tom.” That ruffled a few feathers.

Kenny King got off a plane after arriving back in the United States only to discover that Myles took this shot at Lethal. Then he had to say something about it.

Just landed back in the states. Right now I’d just like to say this. I am 100% unapologetically, from my head to my toes #ForTheCulture

However, I WILL NOT tolerate any undue slander towards @TheLethalJay

Let’s not do this.

Let’s be better.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Jordan Myles in WWE. It could be a long way back into some of the good graces of those he upset today. It will be even more interesting to see if he ever ends up back in ROH.

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