Rusev Is Negotiating New WWE Contract

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Ryback doesn’t wrestle for WWE anymore, but he’s obviously paying attention to his friends. Rusev and Ryback are pretty close and he has a very open opinion about what is going on with his current storyline.

While talking on Ryback TV, he revealed his opinion on Rusev’s current storyline with Bobby Lashley. He called the entire angle stupid and can’t believe he’s in such a “sh*tty angle.” In the end, Rusev is still talking to WWE about a new deal in the midst of this humiliating storyline.

“I can tell you for a fact [with] Rusev and that whole angle, he’s in contract negotiations right now. I love Rusev, I talk to him. I think he’s f**king stupid for doing this angle. It’s acting and it’s fake, but they now have control over your character over a really sh*tty angle that could be humiliating if you choose not to re-sign.”

“He’s going to look horrendous in all of this and they got him. They put him in a sh*tty angle while contract negotiations are going on and if he re-signs, it will probably work itself out and he’s gonna look really good in it and then they’re going to use him for a bit, and then it’s going to go back to what they’ve done. Or he’s going to choose not to re-sign and they are gonna humiliate those two like no other. My opinion but I have seen it done before.”

Rusev has a lot of passion for pro wrestling. He obviously loves it and wants to be a part of whatever WWE has in store for him. He also wants to be WWE Champion someday, but he’s probably not going to get there very fast by getting involved in an angle where his wife cheats on him in front of his face.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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