Big Show Says Fans Need To Quit Directing What WWE Does

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The Big Show might not wrestle much any more, but he’s plenty busy with his upcoming Big Show Show on Netflix and a reality television show in the works. He still pays attention to what is going on in WWE.

While speaking to TMZ, The Big Show was asked about fans’ criticism of the current product. He said it’s impossible to make everyone happy. In the end, fans just need to enjoy the show instead of trying to dictate what happens.

“You’re never going to make everyone happy. Some people say you’re rushing too much, or you’re taking too long. Everybody’s going to have an opinion. My advice is to sit back, watch the show, and enjoy it, quit trying to direct it.”

The Big Show has been involved with plenty of interesting WWE storylines from turning babyface and heel a record amount of times to staging his own father’s funeral. That being said, he knows a thing or two about just enjoying the show.

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