Michelle McCool, one of the seasoned veterans of WWE and pioneer of the women’s division is known for dropping ‘Real Talk’ from her life every now and then. This time it was a life-saving incident involving her and AEW veteran Mark Henry.

The former WWE Divas Champion took to her Instagram Stories to reveal a throwback incident from the time she and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry were stuck in an elevator in Hawaii for 90 minutes.

She mentioned that it was a blessing to get stuck with The World’s Strongest Man who used his brute strength to open the doors that got them some air and survive that claustrophobic environment.

“& the time @themarkhenry and I got stuck in an elevator in Hawaii for nearly 90 minutes! Real talk … if you’re gonna get stuck, hope it’s with a worlds strongest man who ca.org open the doors and put his wallet in it to get us some air.”


Thankfully, Michelle McCool survived the incident with the help of Mark Henry. However, her sporting short hair recently was an indication of another issue she was dealing with. While McCool has not revealed any details, we hope that she overcomes the odds once again, just like she did while being trapped in an elevator for an extended time.

What are your thoughts on Mark Henry and Michelle McCool being trapped in a elevator for 90 minutes? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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