Roman Reigns’ First Feud After WWE Draft Revealed

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WWE needs to establish SmackDown on FOX and introduce their Superstars to fans who might be new to the product. Their dwindling ratings signifies an urgency to do something soon.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that “Roman Reigns is going to work a program with Baron Corbin.” This appears to be how WWE is starting out Roman Reigns’ run on FOX.

The Rock laid the smack down on King Corbin during the FOX debut of SmackDown. Corbin later tweeted out a demand for Roman Reigns to apologize to him on behalf of his cousin.

WWE has The Rock’s cousin Roman Reigns on SmackDown in a top spot. Weaving Dwayne Johnson’s involvement with Corbin into a rivalry between the 2019 King Of The Ring winner and Reigns isn’t the worst idea in terms of continuity. Only time will tell how long the two will be feuding.

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