WWE Not Expected To Grant Mike Kanellis’ Release Request

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Mike Kanellis just signed a new five year deal with WWE, but then he requested his release from WWE and he made a very public deal about it. It’s up to WWE whether they let him leave or not.

AEW was able to turn Shawn Spears into a star after he didn’t do much of anything in WWE as Tye Dillinger. WWE doesn’t want to let their Superstars go at this point and will actually tack on more time whenever possible.

This is even shown by how they are reportedly conducting their wellness policy. That is a very interesting situation that is only a sign of the times. WWE needs their Superstars and they want to keep as many of them as possible whether they’re being used or not.

Kanellis is a WWE Superstar and although he is considered an independent contractor there is still an exclusive contract involved. Brad Shepard reports that WWE isn’t likely to let him out of his deal and they could just let him sit at home and think about what he’s done.

According to a source in #WWE, Mike Bennett is not currently expected to be granted his release. I’m told he’ll get the “Lio Rush treatment” until he decides to “play nice.”

Lio Rush sat at home and then he experienced quite a comeback. It’s not guaranteed what WWE will do in Mike Kanellis’ situation, but WWE isn’t of the mindset to let people out of their deals right now considering the current landscape.

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