WWE has a very strict Wellness Policy, but there are loopholes. Apparently there are ways that a Superstar can actually take PEDS even if they’re full-time Superstars.

Of course, part-time Superstars are not tested under this policy. This doesn’t mean that they are doing any performance enhancing drugs, but it does means that if they were then they’re not getting popped for using them.

Dave Meltzer noted that there are loopholes for taking them if a Superstar has already done so many PEDs that their body doesn’t produce it anymore.

There are loopholes. If you’ve taken so much that your body doesn’t produce testosterone in high enough levels anymore, you get a TUE that allows usage.


It was noted that he’s “sure” that Bobby Lashley and Jinder Mahal are tested. However, personal genetics of the Superstars has a lot to do with how they continue to look. This puts guys with superior genetics at a great advantage.

Felix Upton

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