Big Cass had a bit of a breakdown recently at an indie wrestling show and it made plenty of headlines. He obviously wasn’t in the right frame of mind and he wanted to fight Joey Janela.

Joey Janela explained the entire story to the Young Bucks while they ate room service in a recent YouTube video.

“I went outside for a smoke and I had said ‘Hello’ to the dude earlier and he was like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ I go out for a smoke and he corners me and then smacks me in the head. It wasn’t like a hard smack but it just caught me off guard. I’m like, ‘What the f*ck is going on here?’

“Then he starts chasing me, ‘Joey, I’m’ coming to kill you!'”

“The dude starts chasing me and it’s in the Rahway Rec Center. So it looks like an episode of Tom & Jerry where Big Cass is chasing me around the locker room going, ‘I’m going to shoot you! I’m going to kill you!'”

Everyone in the locker room was left wondering what was going on including Orange Cassidy who was booked on the show. Then they put Joey Janela in his own room so he could work on things without having to worry about Big Cass killing him.

“I then looked back in the locker room and I see him opening every door and saying, ‘Bad boy, where are you?’ It was like a horror movie”

“I feel bad because I have friends who had substance abuse problems. One of my best friends overdosed so I feel for him. At the time of it, it was kinda a funny story as this guy tried to kill me and people leaked it on the internet. But the next day I felt like complete sh*t.”

Hopefully, Big Cass will have much better days ahead. This was a terrible story to hear, but thankfully, nobody was hurt.

We also have to give Joey Janela a ton of credit for not pressing charges on Big Cass when he very well could have.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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