Jeff Hardy Had Bloody Nose After Fight With Wife During Recent Arrest

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Jeff Hardy’s recent driving while impaired arrest is only a very small part of the entire story. Unfortunately, the rest of it isn’t too good either.

TMZ reports that when Hardy was pulled over he had a bloody nose. He told officers it was “from an earlier ‘fight’ with his wife.”

Carthage North Carolina police received a tip about a “careless and reckless driver” at around 8:40 PM EST on October 3rd. When police located the vehicle they found Hardy.

Hardy’s car was actually found by police while sitting in front of a liquor store. The car was empty, so police waited patiently. When Hardy came out he was carrying a case of beer.

The Charismatic Enigma got in his car and started to drive away while police watched him closely. He was finally pulled over when it was observed that he was weaving badly on the road.

During the stop, the officer noticed Hardy had “what seemed to be dried blood on his nose” — and asked what had happened.

“The driver advised that him and his wife got into a fight.”

The police did not report any additional details about an incident of alleged domestic violence. They did ask him about the booze. That is when Hardy admitted to being impaired at the wheel after saying he took “2 shots of vodka earlier in the night.”

Hardy was “uncooperative” when asked to do a breathalyzer or blood sample. It was reported that Jeff Hardy “bombed” his field sobriety test.

The officer obtained a search warrant for a blood sample and EMS was called to draw blood. Hardy was then booked for driving while impaired and driving on a revoked license.

Also, for the record, the police report lists Hardy at 6’1″ and 175 pounds.

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