Multiple Title Changes Likely For WWE Hell In A Cell

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WWE Hell In A Cell is tonight and we only have four matches booked on the card. No, we have not seen any other match confirmations yet.

According to, we could very well see three big title changes at Hell In A Cell because every champion seems to be entering their match as an underdog. Of course, keep in mind that in sports betting all the Superstar needs to do is pick up a win which doesn’t always mean a title change.

103 Seth Rollins (end of broadcast ruling) +334
104 “The Fiend”Bray Wyatt (end of broadcast) -500

113 Becky Lynch (end of broadcast ruling) +177
114 Sasha Banks (end of broadcast ruling) -250

133 Bayley (end of broadcast ruling) +100
134 Charlotte Flair (end broadcast ruling) -140

121 Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns (end of) -215
122 Erick Rowan & Luke Harper (end of) +165

This could be a big night, but we also previously reported that a non-finish could be coming for The Fiend vs Seth Rollins.

With the WWE Draft coming up next week any number of things could be changed around. Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and Sasha Banks were all featured on SmackDown promotional material as well. So that might be taken into consideration as well.

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