Why WWE Pulled Superstars From Indie Event Revealed

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WWE caused a bit of a controversy when they pulled a handful of their NXT UK Superstars from a Southside Wrestling event. Now we know why.

Cody Rhodes even had a chance to step in and look like a hero as he and Brandi Rhodes will now be attending the October 26th show. This will be Southside Wrestling’s final event.

PW Insider notes that the reason why WWE pulled these NXT UK Superstars actually had something to do with the future of Southside Wrestling as they will be merging with Revolution Pro.

Several weeks ago, referee Aaren Wilde was the victim of a beat-down at a Revolution Pro event. This occurrence sparked a massive controversy and it is reported that it was also the “root cause of the NXT UK talents being pulled.”

It’s a shame that the fans had to suffer for this, but WWE obviously doesn’t want to place their Superstars in any environment where things can go badly.

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