Dolph Ziggler Inadvertently Helps Promote AEW World Tag Team Tournament

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All Elite Wrestling will be starting up their new TNT show very soon and that will include a World Tag Team tournament. This is going to be a feature on AEW television for the first few weeks of the show, but it’s already getting a lot of attention.

We previously reported on the brackets for the tournament and Trent Beretta of the Best Friends wanted to make sure he plugged the tournament too. He just wasn’t too sure how to go about it.

Can I just retweet this or do I have to say something about how strong we are?

In a rather surprising move, Dolph Ziggler helped Beretta out by replying with: “Nah, just get some other wrestler to comment on it. That should do it.”

This resulted in a bit of a back and forth between the two where Beretta asked Dolph if wanted to “fight for my federation.” Ziggler replied saying: “Nah, I’m busy. Appreciate it, tho.”

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