Luke Harper asked fro his WWE release, but Erick Rowan is still around and receiving a big spotlight in WWE. It seems as if the former Bludgeon Brothers have very different paths right now.

Super Luchas recently spoke to Erick Rowan about his old friend Luke Harper. He did admit to knowing him, but stopped short of supplying any real information.

“It’s part of the Bludgeon Brothers so yes I know him”.

When asked where Harper has been, Erick Rowan had a very interesting response.


“Hhhmmm… Follow him on Twitter. Follow him on Instagram. I think Instagram has this location tags on Instagram so you can follow where exactly where he’s at. I have not found him yet. I think last week I see he was on Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesotta is my hometown and don’t see him. Where is? I was there and I don’t see him there. As with Bray Wyatt… Never heard oh them [Harper and Wyatt]. I don’t know them”.

He continued talking about Bray Wyatt when asked about The Fiend. It doesn’t sound like he knows much about Bray’s new character at all.

“I never meeted him! [I don’t know! Never have heard of him. I don’t know him… The Fiend or Bray Wyatt”.

We’ll just see if Luke Harper ends up anywhere else in the meantime. He has some time left on his WWE contract, but the company isn’t letting him out of their deal.

Vince McMahon is also said not to be big fan of Harper’s either. That certainly isn’t something that helps out his situation.

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