As seen on Sky Bet, WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley is now the betting favourite to retain her title when she squares off against Charlotte Flair this Sunday at Clash of Champions.

Prior to Bayley’s heel turn, Charlotte was the clear and obvious favourite to walk away from the upcoming pay per view with another title reign to her name. However, after Bayley’s turn to the dark side, things are a little bit different.

The two Four Horsewomen members have been going back and forth at one another for weeks now, with many fans having high expectations for what kind of a bout we’re going to get between them.

In terms of the odds themselves, Bayley is currently priced at 4/5 whereas Charlotte is now priced at 10/11. While the odds are still incredibly close, Bayley just edges out the Queen.


With Sasha Banks also challenging Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship, there are a lot of interesting routes that WWE could take this Sunday as all Horsewomen members wage war for singles titles.

It was always obvious to see that Bayley’s heel turn would freshen up her character in the short term, but we still aren’t holding out much hope for what it means in the long run. Sure, it’s effective right now, but she doesn’t seem to have that natural heel energy that Sasha possesses.

Perhaps it’ll come over time but with the draft being right around the corner, it feels as if WWE needs to make a decision on where they’re going with Bayley and stick to it.

Harry Kettle

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