Roman Reigns figured out who attacked him and apparently it was Erick Rowan. Now Rowan could be getting some new gear and a pay-per-view payday.

The Wrap reports that the current storyline between Roman Reigns and his entire whodunnit attacker situation has gotten way out of hand. This is to the point where one insider said that if they were to explain exactly what the initial plans were that nothing would make one bit of sense.

According to the WWE insider, the storyline was “botched so bad” that “explaining to anyone what it was supposed to be wouldn’t make any sense at all.”

We previously reported that WWE writers have no idea what is going on with this current storyline either. Vince McMahon has continued to come in every week and tear up the script to write something new.


At this point we’re lucky that it’s amounted into a match for Clash Of Champions at all.

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H Jenkins

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