WWE’s Current Pick For King Of The Ring Winner Revealed

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WWE brought back the King Of The Ring tournament this year just in time for Clash Of Champions. Now this year’s annual event where every title is defended will see the crowning of a new king.

We previously reported that WWE brought back the King Of The Ring tournament for one Superstar in particular. Plans can always change, but Brad Shepard noted on Oh, You Didn’t Know that Drew McIntyre is currently WWE’s pick to win the big tournament this year.

“As of Monday a source in WWE told me that Drew McIntyre was planned to be the King Of The Ring winner. We’ll see what happens, you know Vince could wake up on a Friday and say ‘F*ck it.'”

Drew McIntyre winning the tournament makes sense on a few levels. Not only is he a heel which works best for King Of The Ring winners, but he has also been looking for something to take him to the next level.

We’ll have to see how WWE carries on, but don’t be surprised if King McIntyre starts his reign soon enough.

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