WWE is making a lot of money off nostalgia and one thing that seems like it makes logical sense is giving current Superstars a finishing move that reminds fans of a legendary performer. Kevin Owens is using the KO Stunner now and Bray Wyatt could have been given the Mandible Claw, but that looks like the end of the line for now.

Vince McMahon has reportedly put a stop to current Superstars using Legends’ finishing moves according to Brad Shepard. This came after Dominik Dijakovic has repeatedly asked Tazz for permission to use his famous finisher.

According to a source in #WWE, Vince McMahon has put an end to talent taking the finishers of legends as of this morning. This is believed to be due to Dominik Dijakovic in NXT publicly asking @OfficialTAZ. Everyone currently using a legend finisher (eg KO) will keep them.

Also as an exception, Charlotte may take the Stratusfaction as a special move used occasionally.


It’s good to know that WWE isn’t taking moves away from Superstars who are already using legendary finishers, but it could eventually limit what they will be able to do in the ring.

There could always be an exception down the line, but when that is made then it will mean more. Hopefully, this doesn’t nix something cool that WWE was planning down the line in terms of christening a current Superstar with a legendary finisher, but we might never know what could have happened when plans change at Vince McMahon’s discretion.

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