Roman Reigns Is ‘One Of The Very Few’ WWE Superstars Who Haven’t Reached Out To AEW

AEW is offering an alternative in more ways than one. Fans certainly benefit from this new option in pro wrestling, but pro wrestlers also have another possible destination as well.

Roman Reigns made a statement recently that AEW is no competition for WWE. We covered it here at Ringside News, and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also covered the interview. However, a very interesting introduction was chosen to set up the quote.

Dave Meltzer refereed to The Big Dog as: “Reigns, who is one of the very few people in WWE who hasn’t inquired to AEW.” This is a pretty heavy statement because it not only reveals that Roman Reigns has not called AEW, but it also seems to indicate that a ton of other people have meaning he is one of the few.

There are a lot of people on WWE’s roster right now and Meltzer said a while ago that it would blow our minds to know how many Superstars have inquired about going to AEW from WWE. This number might be much higher than one would think if he made a special point to single Roman Reigns out in this way.

Written by Felix Upton

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