Kayla Braxton has such a bright personality on WWE television that it is hard to imagine anyone ever being mean to her. However, she has some dark parts in her past that caused serious trauma for her.

Braxton was very candid as she spoke to Chasing Glory about her childhood. Kayla Braxton lived in the foster system for most of her life, but she remembers some early experiences where she was abused by one her mother’s boyfriend as she stated that she has blocked a lot of those other early memories out.

Kayla said that her mother has four children and she was was always with abusive men while Braxton was growing up. However, one stands out in her mind as being especially traumatizing when she was six years old.

“The one that stands out in my mind the most that I think the most trauma came from, his name was Jack and we lived with him in his trailer and he was very abusive to like I’d see him hit my older brother and my older sister and they’re much older than me. So they moved out because they didn’t even have to be there. So then it was just me and my sister who’s two years younger than I am.”


“He was very abusive to my mother and for a while he wasn’t violent to me and my little sister he was just like verbally violent. I remember specifically coming home from school one day with my little sister were were having a great day, we picked some flowers, we came through the door, he’s drunk on the couch like he always was.”

“My mom’s at work, I don’t remember who dropped us off and he tells us to come over to where he was sitting so I went over and he says: ‘Stand there’ and he punches us both in the face. It was like a game to him. He punched me once and then he punches my little sister — he wasn’t like full-force, he just kept hitting her in the face until her nose bled.”

Kayla said this man kept hitting her younger sister because he knew how much she wanted to protect her. Therefore, doing this was even more torture for a young Kayla Braxton. They were threatened not to tell anyone about it either and once Kayla told her mother, she didn’t believe her.

Thankfully, Kayla Braxton isn’t in that kind of an environment anymore as she continues with WWE. It is still incredibly sad to think that she came from that kind of a background and even more troubling to consider all of the children who are currently in that same kind of situation to this day.

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