WWE Superstars Might Underestimate Vince McMahon’s Ability To Be ‘Petty As F*ck’ In AEW War

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AEW and WWE are at WAR now. There is no question about it. They’ve fired shots and more are expected.

WWE is going to reportedly start to crack down on Superstars liking AEW themed social media activity. This is a big move and could take a lot of monitoring of social media accounts. Therefore, some Superstars might try to test their boundaries, but that’s not a good idea at all.

Brad Shepard reports that some WWE Superstars might “overestimate their usefulness” because you can never put it past Vince McMahon to be “petty as f*ck” when it comes to WAR.

They stated the talent had better not overestimate their usefulness and underestimate Vince’s willpower to be “petty as f*ck” – it was noted even high profile talents should take note.

You can probably expect to stop seeing WWE Superstars tweeting out things about how much they love wrestling and other ambiguous messages that might or might not apply to AEW. After all, there is a lot on the line in a new pro wrestling war.

We apparently haven’t seen the last of it either.

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