What Paul Heyman Influenced On WWE Raw This Week

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WWE Raw really impressed several fans this week. The usual backlash wasn’t there and if you want to check out the results you can see them for yourself here.

Dave Meltzer discussed Paul Heyman’s apparent influence on WWE’s product this week on Wrestling Observer Radio. As we previously noted there were a lot of differences between this week’s show and previous weeks.

Although Paul Heyman is usually backstage, his fingerprints were defiantly all over this episode of Raw.

“I would say that you could call this his first show. His fingerprints were all over this show. I’d say that most of this stuff went through him. I know when they had the big production meeting — the people still talking about the show were Vince and Ed Koskey and not Paul, but there was a lot of Paul stuff in this show.”

The show had a very different tone all around which is hard to argue. Sure, there were some bad Raw segments like the back and forth banter between Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, but overall the show really did deliver.

We really don’t mean to sound so surprised, but come on, you’ve been on this ride with us while we watched WWE together. It looks like Paul Heyman might have been a great idea for the company.

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