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The headline bout on tonight’s Raw is set to be Braun Strowman Vs. Bobby Lashley in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Tensions have been building between the two strongmen and tonight they finally go head-to-head in what should be a fun match.

The New Day will be facing The Viking Raiders tonight. This is a first-time meeting between these two teams and it should be an incredible match, assuming they get the time necessary. That said, this could serve as the catalyst for a new feud leading into Extreme Rules.

In what is likely to be the most compelling aspect of tonight’s Raw, Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and even Roman Reigns will address the return of The Undertaker. Last week The Deadman saved Roman Reigns, setting-up a showdown between the four men at Extreme Rules. WWE hasn’t said Undertaker will be at the show tonight, so fingers crossed he makes an appearance.


Also being teased for tonight’s show is AJ Styles getting closer to a title shot against Ricochet, as well as Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans continuing to ruffle the feathers of Rollins and Lynch, and whether or not Samoa Joe attempts to attack Kofi Kingston again. And that’s the preview. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and download the Ringside News app for up to date news and results. Enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw

Tonight’s show from Dallas Texas opens with the announcers running down the scheduled programming, before Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring. Bizarrely, there was a split second shot of the Street Profits standing backstage before it cut to Braun’s entrance.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Braun Strowman Vs. Bobby Lashley

The match gets underway and both men run into each other with shoulder tackles. Strowman runs and Lashley ducks, leapfrogs, then connects with a spear.

Strowman rolls to the outside, so Lashley climbs out and runs around the ring towards him but Braun floors him with a shoulder block. Braun hits a senton to Lashley before pinning on the floor for a two count. Braun lifts Lashley on his shoulder but Bobby slides off and shoves him into the ring post. Lashley then spears Strowman again into the timekeepers area for a two count.

Lashley clotheslines Braun over the barricade and into the crowd. Lashley stalks Strowman through the crowd, slamming him into things and hitting him. Bobby grabs a chair and cracks it over the back of Braun a few times – no needless head shots – and scores a near-fall. Strowman responds by simply throwing Lashley across the concrete. Strowman takes a giant run-up and runs into Bobby to knock him flying backwards for a two count.

Braun slams Lashley into a steel barricade, before throwing him onto the stage. Lashley fires back with right hands and a shot to the throat. Lashley hits Braun with a suplex on the stage for a near-fall, then gets angry. Lashley walks backwards to the stage, taking a run-up like Strowman, but Braun then runs and tackles him right through the stage! Corey Graves says “Holy shit!”, and the fans chant it as well. There’s a gaping hole in the stage and sparks are flying out, the whole Titantron and ramp is dark and the fans are loving it! “This is awesome” chant fires up. See what happens when ratings plummet and there’s some competition in town? Entertaining television!

No Contest

We get an interesting camera angle and no commentary to imply this wasn’t scripted, as officials and EMT’s come in to put Lashley and Strowman on stretchers. And it just cuts to commercial. Awesome.

*Commercial Break*

We return live to the same camera angle, then it cuts to Lashley being put in an ambulance. Cole tells us this is a serious situation with both men needing medical treatment. We see a replay of the event before seeing Braun put on a gurney. Corey Graves says he’s never seen anything like that, he could smell burning, and he sounds taken aback, like he doesn’t know what to say. Strowman is put in the ambulance and taken away and we see more replays. We cut to the announcers and Cole says that WWE does everything it can to protect its Superstars but sometimes things happen that they can’t control.

The Viking Raiders make their way to the ring, where they will face The New Day after the break.

*Commercial Break*

The Viking Raiders Vs. The New Day

We start the match with Erik and Big E. Erik drives a knee into Big E’s gut and hits the ropes but Big E knocks him down. Erik rolls onto the apron, so Big E runs along the apron and connects with a splash. E gets back into the ring and covers Erik for a two count.

Ivar is tagged in and hits Big E with a standing senton, followed by forearms. Big E lifts Ivar but Erik tags back in and knocks him down. Erik lifts Ivar and throws him into Big E in the corner. Erik then applies a submission to keep Big E grounded.

Big E hits Erik with a belly-to-belly to create some distance. He looks to tag Xavier Woods but Samoa Joe comes out and drags Woods off the apron and chokes him.

Winners Via Disqualification: The New Day

Kofi Kingston runs down to the ring and attacks Samoa Joe. The two of them brawl around ringside until Erik and Ivar help Joe fend off Kofi. Eventually referees come down and separate the six men, meaning a six-man tag is likely taking place after the break.

*Commercial Break*

The Viking Raiders & Samoa jOE Vs. The New Day

The WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, starts off against Ivar and he forces him to the corner with kicks. Kofi drops Ivar with more kicks before tagging Woods and hitting a splash/dropkick combo.

Woods stomps Ivar, but then gets distracted by Joe, allowing Ivar to floor him with a spin kick. Joe tags in and stomps Woods, while teasing Kofi. Woods fires back with some right hands but Joe drops hi with a shoulder tackle, then headbutts him repeatedly.

Erik tags in and drops Woods with a knee. Armbar applied by Erik, but Woods arm-drags him off. Woods unleashes some chops but Erik grabs him and tosses him over his head. Ivar tags in and Erik bodyslams him onto Woods. Joe is tagged in and he hits a senton to Woods. Meanwhile Corey Graves says he has heard rumours that Joe Vs. Kofi at Extreme Rules will be a ladder match.

Joe elbows Woods, then knocks Big E from the apron. Woods tries to fight back but Joe drops him with a chop. Woods manages to get Joe down and tag Kofi, while Joe tags Ivar. Kingston hits a forearm to Ivar, knocks Erik from the apron, then drops Ivar with a forearm. Kofi is caught while looking for a crossbody and a tag is made to Erik. Kofi ducks Erik and drops him with a forearm, before hitting the boom drop.

Kofi gets distracted, allowing Joe to tag in but Kofi knocks him out of the ring. Ivar connects with a running knee to Kofi before being belly-to-belly tossed by Big E. Woods knocks Ivar off of the apron, then dives through them with a dropkick. Ivar then takes out Woods with a suicide dive, and Kofi hits him with Trouble In Paradise. Samoa Joe then comes in from behind Kofi and applies the Coquida Clutch and Kingston passes out.

The Viking Raiders & Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe holds the submission for a few seconds after the bell. Joe tells Kofi “soon”, as Big E cradles the unconscious Champion.

We see another replay of R-Truth taking the 24/7 Championship from Drake Maverick during his wedding. We see Maverick with his blindfolded wife backstage. He’s told her she’s on her honeymoon but then takes off her blindfold and is furious that she’s at Raw. She says he is obsessed, so it’s either her or the 24/7 Championship. He said he of course chooses her, he loves her, and they hug. R-Truth then walks up and says to not mind him, before walking off.

Later tonight, The Undertaker might be here, and Elias Vs. The Miz in 2-out-of-3 falls.

*Commercial Break*

We see Anderson and Gallows sitting backstage. AJ Styles walks in and says they were on fire last week, but they lost. The good brothers act like it’s no big deal. Gallows says AJ almost lost his first match back against Ricochet. AJ says he didn’t want to injure himself, and that he shouldn’t be judging them. They say they have a bet going, with Karl Anderson says AJ can’t beat Ricochet a second time. He’s so sure, that he’s willing to put his “hot Asian wife” on the line. AJ says Ricochet is amazing but he’s going to beat him again.

We return ringside and No Way Jose is making his entrance for a match with Cesaro. Drake Maverick and his wife are sitting at ringside. Truth is part of the conga line and he comes right over to them and dances with Maverick’s wife. Truth then lies down on the barricade in front of them and Maverick stands up, considering pinning him, but his wife stands up and stares him back down. A group of Superstars then come running down to chase Truth to the back.

Cesaro knocks No Way Jose out of the ring, then connects with a gutwrench suplex and a Neutraliser on the floor. Cesaro leaves up the ramp, meaning no match will take place and no one minds.

Charly Caruso is backstage and she introduces the Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. They joke around, with Ford pretending to be The Rock. They say they are on Raw and trying to bring the swag back. Ford says that just because they’re the NXT Tag Team Champions, doesn’t mean they don’t want the smoke. The start singing and dancing that they want the smoke.

Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon are seen walking backstage. They’ll be out to address The Undertaker situation, next.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see replays of the opening of the show, in which Braun Strowman tackled Bobby Lashley through the stage and both men were taken away in ambulances. Renee Young says they’re at a hospital being evaluated.

We go backstage for an interview with The Miz. He says WWE Superstars put their lives on the lines every week and you don’t wish what happened to Braun and Lashley on anyone. We then see a replay of Miz being beaten down by Elias and Shane McMahon on last week’s SmackDown Live. Miz says he doesn’t feel good but he needs to take care of Elias. He’s going to make sure Elias goes back to playing music in the subway. As for Shane, well he’s heard The Undertaker is here.

Shane McMahon’s music hits and out comes the best in the world, followed by Drew McIntyre. The duo make their way to the ring.

Shane asks Mike Rome to introduce him properly as usual. Shane says he has been inundated with questions about the conditions of Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. He says he has other things to do that grace the fans with his presence. However, since they’re out here, maybe they should address last week. They say last week was to be Roman Reigns’ demise, and that Roman was terrified. He shows the footage of them beating Reigns throughout the match.

Drew says the footage speaks for itself, Roman knows what’s going to happen at Extreme Rules. Shane says that’s true but let’s not focus on Reigns, let’s talk about the man “Roman begged to come help him”, The Undertaker. Shane says he will give it to Roman, he surprised him last week. But there will be no surprises at Extreme Rules, because they will put The Big Dog and The Phenom in the ground.

McIntyre says The Undertaker is the greatest Superstar of all time. For decades he has struck fear into the hearts of WWE Superstars with each chokeslam and tombstone. However he’s no ordinary Superstar, and the truth is, he doesn’t care about The Undertaker. He says he came for a fight, and tells The Undertaker to come on out if he’s here.

We hear a lightning flash and thunder, along with the lights going up and down, and a bolt of lightning that strikes the ring posts. Shane and Drew look ruffled, then comes the bell toll and the lights go out. The Undertaker makes his entrance, while Shane and Drew leave the ring and go stand in the crowd.

The Deadman says Roman Reigns never asked for his help. That’s not who he is, but if they need to know why, he will explain who he is. The Undertaker says he is and has been the reaper of wayward souls for a long time, and he’s here to collect their souls. He says Shane had his respect for a while, particularly after their Hell In A Cell at WrestleMania, but like most mortal men he fell victim to his greed and ego. He says Shane may be the best in this world, but where he’s sending them to, they’ll be just another couple of lost souls suffering in the acrid stench of death. And that will be for eternity, because they will never rest in peace.

Still to come, an interview with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. We see Lacey Evans doing her make-up backstage as Baron Corbin watches. He says if they’re having an Extreme Rules match, that helps them. Corbin says Rollins can clearly take a ton of punishment, but that he doesn’t know if Seth can juggle the title and a relationship, and asks if she’s worth it. Evans swirls around in her chair and says The Man is also no joke, because she beat Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. But she sees how Seth Rollins looks at her, and he’ll be watching her tonight as she beats Natalya and realises he shouldn’t have put his faith in The Man.

We cut back to the arena to see The Undertaker pose on the stage.

*Commercial Break*

Lacey Evans W/Baron Corbin Vs. Natalya

They lock-up and Natalya forces Evans to the ropes. Evans shoves Natalya but then gets pushed right out of the ring. Natalya jumps out after her but gets clotheslined down. Lacey gets Nattie back in the ring for a two count.

We see Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch backstage, watching the match on a monitor. Evans stomps Natalya down in the corner, then hits a rope-assisted dropkick for a two count. Evans gets onto the apron and delivers some elbows and a knee to Natalya. Evans then jumps over the ropes with an elbow to the veteran. 

Natalya knocks Evans down but is then caught with a neckbreaker.  Natalya forces Evans to the corner and unloads hands. Corbin gets on the apron and distracts Natalya. Evans looks for a roll-up but Nattie reverses into one of her own. Natalya slaps Evans, then drops her with an atomic drop and runs over her. Natalya hits the ropes and Corbin pulls her foot, causing her to fall. Evans then hits Natalya with the Woman’s Right for the win.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Ricochet is interviewed backstage by Charly Caruso, who says this has been a whirlwind week. She says AJ has said that he might not be on his level. Ricochet says AJ can feel however he pleases, but facing him in the main event of Raw was a dream come true. However if they did it again he “probably wouldn’t lose”. Anderson and Gallows walk up and say that the truth is, AJ could have beat him in three minutes. They poke and prod him, and say Ricochet needs put in his place. He says he doesn’t want any trouble, and they say it won’t be coming from them.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Gallows and Anderson with AJ Styles. They lie to him that Ricochet says he can beat Styles with ease. AJ says he needs to talk to Ricochet, and they say that’s not good enough. They say AJ has lost his edge, that he needs to find his old self and go slap Ricochet. AJ walks off and around a corner, where he finds Ricochet doing push-ups. He tells Ricochet not to talk trash about him, that he’s taking his title tonight. Ricochet says he doesn’t know why he’s so fired-up but he accepts. AJ then slaps him across the face, and Ricochet responds in kind. AJ smiles and says “this is going to be good”.

We go to the arena and Elias is introduced but The Miz’s music hits right away. Miz comes to the ring but before the bell can ring, Miz attacks Elias. Miz knocks Elias from the ring and tosses him into the steel steps before getting him back in the ring.

2-Out-Of-3-Falls Match

The Miz Vs. Elias

The match begins and Miz connects with Skull Crushing Finale for a quick pinfall.

1-0 The Miz

The Miz gets fired-up, while he waits for the referee to start the match again. Elias rolls from the ring right away, while Cole tells us for the second time that we’ll take a commercial break after the second fall.

Miz dropkicks Elias through the ropes, then gets him back in the ring for a kick. Elias connects with Drift Away for a pinfall.


*Commercial Break*

We come back as the third fall begins. Miz unloads some hands on Elias. Miz runs but Elias gets him up on his shoulders and lands a powerbomb for a near-fall. Elias angrily fires shots at Miz in the corner before connecting with a back elbow.

Elias applies a deep rear chin lock but Miz fights out. Elias tees-off on Miz in the corner and hits a reverse swinging neckbreaker for a near-fall. Miz rolls to the apron and Elias runs along it, looking for a leaping knee but Miz moves and he hits the ring post. Miz gets Elias back in the ring and applies the Figure Four for the win.

Winner: The Miz

After the break we’ll hear from Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins who are, if you haven’t yet heard, boyfriend and girlfriend.

*Commercial Break*

Replays are shown of the Stomping Grounds main event, where Seth Rollins defeated Baron Corbin with the help of his girlfriend, Becky Lynch.

Charly Caruso then introduces Rollins and Lynch, the former of which wishes Lashley and Strowman all the best. Caruso says their celebrations were cut short last week by Corbin and Evans. She asks if their decision was impulsive, Rollins jokingly says he isn’t impulsive, then asks Lynch if he is. Lynch proceeds to tut and tsk sarcastically for far too long. Rollins says they know they can beat Corbin and Evans one-on-one but there’s always a chance they’ll lose. Lynch says they had better not lose her title. Rollins says they had better not lose his title. They share a very awkward and cringe-worthy minute of bantering between themselves and making awful jokes about her sleeping with the title, and Rollins saying he got lucky, with Lynch then making a grab for his crotch. God awful.

Maria and Mike Kanellis then walk up and she says she isn’t OK with them pretending they are the first couple of WWE. She also says that Lynch hasn’t done anything to deserve the title, unlike her, because she pushed an 8lb baby out of herself. Maria then says Rollins doesn’t impress her but her husband does. So she says she’ll bring her bitch if Seth brings his. Lynch says if they want a match they’ll slap their heads off right now and walks off. Rollins then says they done gone messed up and walks off. Rollins and Lynch as a couple will kill their individual selves.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and see more replays of the opening of the show. Renee Young then provides an unsubstantiated update that Braun has a ruptured spleen.

Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch Vs. Mike & Maria Kanellis

Seth and Mike start the match, with Seth hitting a snapmare and kicking Mike. Corey describes Mike as “Maria’s bitch”. Rollins connects with a dropkick and Mike gets angry. Kanellis ducks a shot from Rollins and drops him with a right hand. Seth catches Mike and hits a buckle bomb, followed by a superkick. Seth forces Mike to tag in, meaning Maria is also legal.

Becky gets in the ring, but Maria gets out of the ring and grabs a microphone. She yells at Mike and says he disgusts her. He said he would mop the floor with Rollins but he can’t even mop the floor at home. Becky then comes out of the ring and is about to hit her when Maria yells “I’m pregnant!” Mike asks her how she’s pregnant and Maria says she doesn’t know, because Mike isn’t man enough to do it.

Lynch then drags Mike into the ring and puts on the Dis-Arm-Her and he taps – despite that not being legal in two ways.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins

Maria gets in the ring and says she cannot believe Mike is the father of her children. She says she has waited for him to grow-up and be a man but the only man here tonight was Becky Lynch. She says maybe next time she’ll ask Becky to impregnate her.

We go backstage and see Paul Heyman, who gets a big ovation. He introduces himself as the advocate of Brock Lesnar. He says tonight has been a crazy night for both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston, and just maybe his client is in the building. Street Profits then walk up and joke around, asking Heyman if Lesnar is actually here and generally being loud. Heyman leaves and they yell for him to come back.

*Commercial Break*

Alexa Bliss comes out for A Moment of Bliss. Alexa says her thoughts are with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley tonight. She then brings Nikki Cross out and shows a replay of her beating Bayley on Smackdown Live to win Bliss another Smackdown Women’s Championship match at Extreme Rules. Cross thanks Bliss for believing in her.

Carmella’s music hits and interrupts. Carmella comes out and says Bliss is just using Cross. Bliss gets a title shot. What does Cross get? Bliss says she knows Carmella is trying to break them up. Bliss says Carmella is nothing more than a sidekick. Carmella challenges her to get in the ring and she’ll show her a sidekick. Alexa agrees.

Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross vs. Carmella

The bell rings, and Carmella immediately rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Carmella

It seems this segment isn’t over but we’re heading to the break. This whole no-wrestling-during-breaks thing just means everyone is getting beat very quickly.

*Commercial Break*

Carmella Vs. Nikki Cross W/Alexa Bliss

We come back in time to see this match begin, and Cross runs wild over Carmella.

Carmella responds by taking her down with a headscissor takeover. Cross rolls from the ring but as Carmella slides towards her, Cross traps her in the apron and unloads with forearms to the back.

Cross gets her back in the ring, climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps over Carmella. She grabs Mella and hits a swinging neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Bliss and Carmella celebrate after the match, with Bliss seemingly trying to hog the spotlight.

After the break we’re getting Ricochet Vs. AJ Styles, that is, until it has to be restarted.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Nikki and Alexa walking backstage. An interviewer approaches them and asks how they feel knowing that the WWE Universe wants Cross to face Bayley at Extreme Rules instead of Alexa. Bliss says “no comment” and storms off.

Drake Maverick and his wife are backstage and she says she needs to go to the bathroom before they leave. As Maverick is waiting a bunch of Superstars run past. Truth then pops out and acts relieved and Maverick tells him he isn’t interested in chasing him anymore. Truth wishes him a good honeymoon, then walks off. Maverick grabs his suitcase and hits Truth with it in the head and pins him! Drake Maverick is the WWE 24/7 Champion. His wife returns and he tells her he knew their honeymoon was going to be good, but now they get to do it 24/7.

AJ Styles makes his entrance, followed by the US Champion, Ricochet.

*Commercial Break*

United States Championship Match

(C) Ricochet Vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings and Ricochet feigns a lock-up but tips Styles over. Ricochet reverses AJ with a roll-up but Styles kicks-out then drops the Champion with a right hand. Styles is whipped into the corner and Ricochet shoulder tackles him before landing a spirngboard clothesline.

Styles gets his knees-up to avoid a standing shooting star press, then tees-off on the Champion in the corner. Ricochet responds with a rolling dropkick that knocks AJ out of the ring. Ricochet then dives twisting over the ropes onto Styles before getting him back inside.

Ricochet springboards but nobody’s home. Styles goes to the apron and hits the Phenomenal Forearm and pins Ricochet – whose foot was under the rope – and wins. I’m not going to say AJ is the winner and new Champion, because we all know this just means the match going to be restarted.

Another official comes down to the ring as AJ is posing with the title. The music stops and the referee’s argue with each. Of course, this just means we’re heading to the break and the match will be restarted.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and *shocker*, the match has been restarted and the good brothers are now at ringside.

Ricochet punches Ricochet into the corner and chops him. Ricochet tries to whip him but Styles fires back with a right hand. Ricochet flips off of AJ’s chest, lands on his feet, and hits an enziuguiri. Ricochet takes to the top rope and looks for a phoenix splash but nobody’s home and he lands on his feet. Ricochet knocks AJ out of the ring and AJ hits his head on the apron.

Ricochet dives over the ropes but Styles slides inside and the Champion lands on his feet. AJ hits Ricochet with a Phenomenal Forearm to the outside, then gets Ricochet back into the ring for a brainbuster and a two count. Styles hits a torture rack bomb for a near-fall. Ricochet knocks AJ off the ropes and hits him with an arm-drag roll-up for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

AJ is shocked after his loss and clearly unhappy. Ricochet poses with his title.

AJ extends his hand and Ricochet shakes it. Gallows and Anderson are then on the apron, sarcastically clapping Styles. Ricochet sets his belt down, ready to fight, but Styles tries to play peacekeeper. Styles turns and punches Ricochet. He then stomps and punches Ricochet, before instructing Anderson and Gallows to hit the Magic Killer to Ricochet. Styles lifts the Champion and punches him, before hitting him with a Styles Clash from the middle rope! Styles Anderson and gallows pose with Too Sweet, then Styles unloads some ground and pound on Ricochet, followed by Anderson doing the same. The three of them pose, with Styles standing on Ricochet. “The Club rides once again.”

That’s it for this week’s Raw. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to come back tomorrow for more news and results. Until then, safe travels!

Curtis Dillion

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