The Undertaker’s Reported Summerslam Opponent Might Enrage Some Fans

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The Undertaker is reportedly wrestling more matches this year to keep the ring rust off. This is interesting because Taker has a full-sized ring in his Texas home, but it’s still a great idea to keep mixing it up to stay fresh.

One big event that is reportedly on Taker’s schedule takes place in Toronto with WWE’s Summerslam event. The biggest issue is that a lot of fans might hate his opponent.

Brad Shepard reports that one match currently being considered for The Dead Man would see him facing a former Raw General Manager and everyone’s favorite son.

“One match currently being considered – versus Baron Corbin at Summerslam.”

Only time will tell if WWE’s new change in creative influence could lead WWE to go an entirely different direction. Because the WWE roster is full of people who could be used on the top of the card if given the proper push.

The Undertaker reportedly handpicked his opponent for WrestleMania next year already. So everything could possibly be working toward the 36th annual show of shows.

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