Vince McMahon Could Reportedly Have ‘An Incentive’ For Kofi Kingston Dropping WWE Title

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The New Day have sold a ton of merchandise and launched hundreds of pancakes into the crowd on their way to the ring. The pancakes seem to keep coming, but the merch money might be slowing down a little.

We previously reported that the top merchandise earners in WWE include some big names. Kofi Kingston is still doing very well as WWE Champion, but he’s not #1 anymore.

Brad Shepard reports that apparently the thought within WWE is that if Kofi Kingston’s merch sales continue to slump then it could give Vince McMahon enough reason to have Kingston drop the WWE Title and not “delay the inevitable.”

According to a source in #WWE, New Day’s merch sales are dipping. The internal thought is if Kofi Kingston’s merch sales continue to dip, that could give Vince McMahon incentive to have him drop the title and not “delay the inevitable.”

Nobody can remain WWE Champion forever. However, Kofi Kingston is probably still selling far more t-shirts than Jinder Mahal did and The Modern Day Maharaja held that same title for 170 days which is currently 90 days longer than Kofi Kingston has currently held his title.

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