Lars Sullivan’s Injury Described As ‘Freak Accident’

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Lars Sullivan had a lot of momentum behind him, but he has already experienced more roadblocks to his push in his short WWE career than some Superstars do in years of working for WWE.

He had an anxiety attack that nixed his WrestleMania program with John Cena and then body building message board comments resurfaced in a big way once he did come back. Those comments cost him $100,000. Now Sullivan is injured.

Dave Meltzer discussed Lars Sullivan’s injury and when it took place during Wrestling Observer Radio. It was a tough break for Sullivan, but he’s already had surgery. Now the healing process can begin, but it won’t be a short recovery time.

“Six to nine months total reconstructive to his knee. The injury as I was told was a freak accident which is not a play on words. He had a minor injury and it got worse on Monday.”

“So I guess Monday is when it went down so yeah, he’s going to be out for a while. A week ago Monday [is when it happened], yeah the 10th.”

Lars Sullivan was just getting started in his first push with WWE and it really is a shame that he has to go out of action so early. Then again, his push was starting with Lucha House Party squashes so there’s that to consider as well.

It might be best for him to get another chance to refocus. Hopefully, he’ll be able to come back even more ready to smash people with that overly dangerous top rope headbutt he continued to do.

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