Sometimes fans want to be the focal point of the show. This has become an issue recently as fan was pulled backstage at an ROH show by Bully Ray for being disrespectful and it sparked a ton of controversy.

We previously reported that a fan was ejected from an Impact Wrestling television taping recently, but there were a lot of reasons why this took place. The fan was obnoxious and aggressive as well as being a huge distraction.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie commented about this fan where she explained things rather well. It is one thing to enjoy the show, but when it gets out of hand something has to be done.

Call me names, enjoy the show, boo, cheer, whatever…..but don’t attack me verbally. Insult me personally and spit on me. Hey hey hey goodbye


Wasn’t just me. He was problematic throughout the entire show. Hope he wakes up tomorrow with a horrible hangover and realizes his mistakes. I’ll say a prayer for you bro …..

As you can see from the footage below this fan took the show very seriously. It’s no wonder why he was kicked out of the show and it’s also pretty remarkable that Taya didn’t lay him out right then and there or her husband Johnny Impact didn’t have a little “Bully Ray discussion” with this fan either.

Needless to say, Taya slapping this guy’s beer out of his hand was probably the least she should have done. She also probably did this dude a favor because he might not have needed any more to drink.

Felix Upton

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