Ryback saw a lot during his time in WWE and he is not afraid to speak about it now. Things can go down backstage in WWE and not a lot of it holds up very well when put in the public eye.

Lars Sullivan’s recent situation has a lot of people talking. He said some things that he really regrets, but the fact is that he still said them. This could cause an issue with WWE’s sponsors and that is not a good thing for the company’s bottom line.

Ryback remarked about this latest development saying that sponsors need to also take notice of how WWE treats their employees as a whole.

Now if these same sponsors would take notice on the treatment of the talent TODAY, as a whole, we could actually make progress in the abuse of @wwe @VinceMcMahon towards talent. We hold the power today and the time for change is now. It is going to happen!


Ryback might not agree with Vince McMahon’s practices, but he hasn’t changed his way of doing business for a very long time. It might take some sponsors to speak up and it appears a change could be coming.

If WWE is really going to listen to the fans then something needs to be done. There is a reason why John Oliver dedicated an entire piece to WWE’s treatment of their independent contractors even though they are bound to exclusive contracts.

Felix Upton

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