Enoz Amore and Big Cass are no longer in WWE, but before they both departed at separate times for completely different reasons they had to split up on WWE television. This resulted in a lackluster feud which ended with Big Cass destroying his knee on the night after Summerslam as he faced Amore.

They seem to be doing okay now as they feud with Logan and Jake Paul, but NZO knows that they left a lot of money on the table in WWE.

NZO spoke to Keeping it 100 with Konnan where he went into why he thinks WWE broke up his team with Big Cass. Because The Realest Guys In The Room were selling a ton of merchandise which apparently worried some people near the top of the card.

“If you think about it, me and Big Cass at one point were the No. 1 merchandise selling people in the company. In the height of our run we were split up in the number one ratings draw in the company. If you had kept me and Cass together, or given us the tag titles, or given one of us a push towards the title and the other one pushed towards the title, there was some major Superstar potential there, which was a scary thought to those in the higher-ups, or they creatively had a different take.”


We might never know the actual reasons for breaking up the team. Big Cass was turned into the heel as he demolished Amore time and time again. Then Cass returned after his knee surgery with some more issues which eventually caused his release.

It is a shame that WWE didn’t see how over the two were as s team and decided to break them up, but NZO isn’t shy about talking about it now. How you doin’?

Thanks to Peter Bahi for the quote

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