How WWE Could Use Women In Saudi Arabia If They Aren’t Allowed To Wrestle

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WWE has a ten-year deal with Saudi Arabia and they are really trying to get permission to have women perform at the Super ShowDown event. This is a pretty bold move, but they brought along Alexa Bliss and Natalya just in case they get a green light.

It’s still unknown whether KSA will permit Nattie and Bliss to wrestle on their show. However, there are a couple of things WWE could always use them for even if they don’t get permission. That way they won’t have wasted the trip.

Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio that if WWE fails to get the okay from KSA to have women compete on the show then Natalya or Alexa Bliss could always appear on the kickoff show.

We already have one match announced for the kickoff show in The Revival vs The Usos, but WWE will have plenty more chances to can switch panel members out so Bliss and Nattie can be featured.

It’s unknown what they will do at this point, but it is ultimately the Saudi Arabia General Sports Authority’s call. Women have performed in KSA before so they should be allowed, but you never know what kind of decision they could make.

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