Jon Moxley is making a brand new name for himself after leaving WWE. He apparently wants a full departure from Dean Ambrose. This could include lot of unscripted violence as his official AEW t-shirt proudly states.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how hard Moxley was working during his first match in NJPW. Not only was he covered in sweat five minutes in, but his style is also resembling other heavy hitting wild-man characters from the past.

“This match went 24 minutes — 5 minutes in Dean Ambrose [Jon Moxley] was drenched in sweat and I’ve never seen him drenched in sweat ever in a WWE match.”

“So it’s just like granted I know it’s humid as hell in the Summer in Japan, but you know they’re in Sumo Hall this is not being out in the street. He was working so hard. When guys leave WWE there’s two mentalities. There’s the mentality that ‘I’m a star and I can use that name from WWE and I can get by and I don’t have to hurt myself.’ Then there’s the mentality that, ‘I’ve got something to prove,’ and he obviously had that mentality because he is could go and be Dean Ambrose with another name. No problem make money be over, but he is completely trying to reinvent himself.”


“I mean he is essentially trying to be a little Terry Funk and a little Bruiser Brody which for Japan is not the worst thing for an American to be. He’s trying to be a wild-man. He’s trying to juice [have blood in matches] which they don’t really allow so they were out there trying to do fricken hardway which I hate when that’s done, but they were doing it.”

As time goes on we might see Moxley in some situations that Dean Ambrose would never see himself in as a WWE Superstar. Perhaps he misses the hard-hitting action, pain, and blood. Mox could be making a lot of statements going forward.

This new approach to his in-ring work really makes Moxley’s upcoming AEW match against Joey Janela at Fyter Fest even more interesting. Because both of those guys are known for their hardcore antics.

AEW obviously has no problem with blading during a match as Dustin Rhodes did so at AEW Double Or Nothing to the extent that the amount of blood started to concern him.

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