Ric Flair Might Regret Accusing His Former Manager Of Theft

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Ric Flair had a lot to say about Shawn Michaels last week, but he followed it up on Monday with a scathing message to his former agent.

The Nature Boy put up a YouTube video where he accused his former agent of stealing from him. Then he explained how he has a new attorney who will be coming after Flair’s money that he is owed. This was a pretty fierce message and Flair didn’t seem to back down.

If you’d like to read a transcription of how big the shots Flair took at his former agent were you can click here. It might be the best way to know what Flair said because The Nature Boy has deleted the video.

It might not be the worst idea for Ric Flair to take the video down. After all, he did make some heavy accusations about how his former manager stole money from him because they thought he was going to die.

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