Ric Flair recently let go about how he felt about Shawn Michaels in an online video. It appears that The Nature Boy is getting even better at social media because he’s back with another video. This time he’s coming at his former attorney and representation.

Flair revealed that he put down a $10,000 retainer for agent Melinda Morris Zanoni who dropped the ball in some big ways. She also spread misinformation about him during his medical crisis in 2017.

Now Flair is done playing nice and he’s hired a big-shot attorney he wants everyone to know about.

“You took money from me while I was down and gave out incorrect social media which thank god my friends shut down.”


Flair thanked his wife Wendy who has two Master’s Degrees and is smarter than his previous agents who stepped in to correct things when he was fighting for his life in a hospital.

Flair said that his children called his previous representation and told them to knock it off when they kept reporting false narratives on The Nature Boy’s behalf. “Did you think that this wouldn’t catch up with you?” Flair asked before revealing that he has a new lawyer.

Flair said his previous attorney divulged tax information when they shouldn’t have and advised him to skip out on doing an interview which turned into a slam piece. “I should have Hulk Hogan’ed them,” Flair said.

The Nature Boy laughed when he thought of his old representation seeing this video and he encouraged them to send his new attorney a letter.

“You assumed I was gonna die like a lot of people did and you just grabbed all the money you could run with and you did and imagine that I gotta hire a lawyer when I’m not working and attempt to get it back. Well, that law firm was frail, they didn’t do well. I got a law firm now that’s gonna stand tall.”

Flair said he finally has an attorney and to watch out for anything that people write about him because he will now be fighting for his name. He has a “take no sh*t cowboy” as an attorney now.

The biggest sticking point was how his previous representation broke privileged information between client and attorney.

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