Jon Moxley is no longer WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, but The Lunatic Fringe experienced a lot in Vince McMahon’s company.

While speaking to Talk Is Jericho, Moxley explained how Vince McMahon used his Jedi Mind Trick to convince him into delivering lines about Roman Reigns’ leukemia that he didn’t want to do. It got so bad that he almost walked out of WWE.

Moxley said that his goal with the Dean Ambrose character was to be “90% John McClane from Die Hard.” Then he revealed the biggest mistake he ever made in WWE when he let them know that he had “a shred of comedic timing.”

“[Ambrose] gets his ass kicked all the time, perseveres, walks through glass in bare feet — maybe throws a one-liner out there which I’m capable of which may have been one of my biggest mistakes. Because once I showed them that I had even a shred of comedic timing it was over. Now they’re writing jokes for me, but it’s like I’ll write my own jokes when it’s time for a joke I’ll know, you know?”


“So I got over on my own because I felt like people really felt– I felt like I was fighting for my life those first few months as a babyface. Everyone else is gonna be pyro and these crazy entrances, I’m just gonna walk to the ring, no entrance, no pyro I’m fighting and I really felt like I was fighting for my life and I think that’s why people connected with me there.”

“Then it’s like ‘wow he got over’ and then I started selling a lot of merchandise and then they were like now they have to get their hands on it and try to turn you into what you should be.”

“For whatever it is me and Vince it’s like my particular type of charisma, Vince just can’t let me be. He’s gotta put a hat on me or put me in a goofy vehicle or something, you know? Whatever reason we’re like Mentos and Diet Coke, man. Me and Vince together create this explosion of goofy nonsense that I detest.”

Mox always tried to stay positive and do his best, but it’s pretty hard at times, especially when there is a 73-year-old billionaire trying to change everything that Dean Ambrose was about.

Jon Moxley said that he wanted to stay there for the fans and the Make-A-Wish requests meant the world to him. However, the ultimate goal was to save money because he wanted to be where he is now. He is financially comfortable and able to express his art form in the way he wants it to be done.

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