AEW got a lot of attention because of the amount of merchandise that The Elite was selling online and in Hot Topic stores across the country. However, they are way more than a t-shirt company.

If AEW Double Or Nothing was a t-shirt company’s commercial then it might have been the best commercial of all time.

On Talk Is Jericho, Y2J discussed how people view AEW as a t-shirt company and he addressed some of those jokes. Make no mistake about it they are not a t-shirt company and they are doing big things.

“Make no mistake about it; there are lots of jokes about us being a t-shirt company and all these different things, or a soda company where you can go to my Instagram and we are selling AEW Root Beer. Now, we are actually getting rolling. I think that it is a long time coming and a lot of haters. They say that AEW sucks and that they are never going to get off the ground and meanwhile we have a roster of over 50 talents with some of the greatest performers in the world and some of the greatest performers you have never heard of before, which is another thing I love about this.”


AEW has the ball rolling in a big way. There is excitement about everything they do as a new alternative to WWE is emerging. Only time will tell how things will go once they start airing a show on TNT, but they are off to a tremendous start so far.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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