As seen on Sky Bet, the betting odds for Velveteen Dream vs Tyler Breeze at NXT TakeOver: XXV have been released.

The return of Tyler Breeze to NXT was welcomed by the masses, many of whom believe WWE has done an incredibly poor job of building him up to be a main roster star. Based on the evidence, it’s hard to dispute that claim.

Breeze went straight after Dream upon making his return to NXT, and as a result, the two men have been booked against one another in a bout for the NXT North American Championship at this weekend’s historic 25th TakeOver special.

In terms of the odds, Dream is actually the 1/4 favourite to get the job done and retain the belt – whereas Tyler, seemingly playing the role of a babyface in this instance, is the 11/4 underdog.


Given that Breeze is seemingly a big underdog in the eyes of the bookmakers, you’d have to wonder what direction WWE is going to go with him if he loses. Some believe he could be set to go back out onto the independent scene, and many have requested one more brief run in NXT before he goes.

Even if he stays, he may just want to remain in NXT for the remainder of his days in WWE as opposed to going back up to the main roster. After all, if they couldn’t find a suitable place for him before, there’s a chance they still wouldn’t be able to even after this light reboot.

Harry Kettle

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