WWE SmackDown Live was tonight, but there were apparently some AEW fans in the audience. Last night’s Raw was a real struggle at times because of the AEW chants and the fact that Sami Zayn name dropped the new wrestling company live on the air.

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Security was busy during SmackDown Live tonight. Because they had to confiscate two signed from fans who paid good money to make sure their seats were in the camera’s view.

“You Aren’t MJF” and “Save Us HHH” signs were confiscated during SmackDown Live. The fact that MJF is already getting signs at WWE events is not only a great thing for his character, but it also shows that AEW already has at least one breakout star other than the obvious main event names on their roster.


The “You’re Not MJF” sign was directed at Shane McMahon which was just perfect in so many ways.

The “Save Us Triple H” sign is obviously a mention of a large section of fans hoping that Vince McMahon will hand over the reins of WWE’s television shows to Triple H so The Game can save the main roster.

If you saw these signs in the crowd, then you didn’t see them for long. Because the camera cut away as soon as production realized what they said and then they were soon taken after that.

H Jenkins

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