WWE SmackDown Live Results – May 28th, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for SmackDown Live. Keep refreshing the page when everything kicks off at 8:00 PM for constant updates.

WWE SmackDown Live only has three segments promoted for the show which means a lot more should be expected. After RAW’s performance last night let’s hope for a better showing from the blue brand.

Kofi Kingston is taking on Kevin Owens this week. KO will not be going to Saudi Arabia so Dolph Ziggler was called back to play a heel in a main event title feud.

Speaking of KO and Dolph Ziggler, The Show Off is promoted to appear on the Kevin Owens Show tonight.

Also, Bayley will take on Lacey Evans who is coming over from RAW in order to take on the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

All that and so much more is expected. So check back at 8:00 PM when the action kicks off.

Kevin Owens vs Kofi Kingston (non-title match)

Owens said he initially scheduled a Kevin Owens Show, but the crowd isn’t worth it. So he’ll just destroy Kofi Kingston instead. He claimed that he had nothing to do with Big E’s attack backstage. Instead, KO blamed it on Big E slipping on his own sweat or injuring himself while posting a hilarious tweet.

Finally, Kofi Kingston interrupted KO. He came out limping and throwing pancakes like frisbees. Kofi called Kevin a liar in a lot of ways. Kofi had some trouble with the lines, but when he fumbled he just started the line again.

Kofi started off quickly with a dropkick and then KO took control soon after that with some strikes. Kofi fired off some mounted punches and a kick before KO hit a shoulderblock and put the champ back down.

Kevin took Kofi down in a rest hold until the champ fought out. This whole time the announce team hyped Dolph Ziggler being in the building and how KO is softening Kofi up for the Show Off.

Then Owens charged at Kofi as Kingston lowered the top rope and sent Owens to the floor before Kofi nailed a trustfall dive over the top rope to KO. They returned to the ring and Kofi blocked a Stunner from Owens to hit an SOS for a near fall.

Kofi went for a springboard move and then KO shoved him to the floor. After a fair amount of selling and KO going to the floor, the action returned to the ring, but Kofi wouldn’t be defeated.

Owens slapped on another rest hold and then Kofi fought back only to get catapulted over the top rope. Kofi tried to skin the cat back in, but Owens kicked him down and nailed a splash from the apron.

Kofi rolled back in just in time for a bullfrog splash from Owens for a two count. They started battling on the top rope and then Kofi got knocked down as Kevin hit a senton for another two count.

Kingston avoided a pop-up powerbomb and nailed a Trouble In Paradise for the win. They are really protecting that finisher.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Then they showed Shane McMahon with Drew McIntyre talking to Elias before R-Truth and Carmella were shown backstage.

R-Truth said he’s been running everywhere and hiding from people looking for the 24/7 Title. Drake Maverick walked behind them and started putting up his wanted posters for the 24/7 Title.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Kayla Braxton was there in the ring with the tag champs asking them what they think the WWE Universe needs to know. Then Daniel called the tag team division a joke and he’s not wrong.

Rowan had a joke too: Knock knock… who’s there… the SmackDown Tag Team division…. the SmackDown Tag Team division who?… EXACTLY! Then Daniel and Rowan laughed.

Then Daniel Bryan got boos for saying that they want to save the planet. Then Bryan brought up how Oklahoma leads the USA in fracking and they cheered that. This is such an awful way to get heat because it spreads an awful message in general, just saying.

Braxton then said that there is a tag team who would like to challenge them. Then Heavy Machinery came out looking happy to be on television.

Tucker said it’s time to get down to business and Otis said that business is the tag team titles. Then a referee came down and they went to start the match. Then Bryan said they’ll have the match, just not in this fracking state of Oklahoma.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were backstage handing out copies of Rose’s Muscle & Fitness magazine. They IIconics were there and they approached Ember Moon who was reading The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. They mocked her for reading and then piled the Muscle & Fitness magazines on her.

Carmella vs Mandy Rose

Rose took some extra time to show off her magazine. She mocked Mella for not wanting to look like her. Then Carmella mounted Rose and laid in some punches. Since R-Truth wasn’t around we can only assume he was hiding somewhere safe.

Rose hit a running knee to the face after some back and forth action for a two count. Then Mella hit a rana and a boot before moonwalking and hitting a bronco buster in the corner for a two count.

Then Sonya distracted Mella and Mandy rolled her up for the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose

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