Lio Rush hasn’t been seen for a while on WWE television and no mention has been made of Bobby Lashley’s former hypeman. He is no longer on television, but he’s still with the company. Apparently, the backstage heat got the best of him.

The Man Of The Hour is still around, you just need to know where to look for him. He’s often on Instagram and did a live video today. He was spending the afternoon doing Cameo videos where he gets to connect personally with his fans.

He is also gearing up his YouTube channel where he has some of his greatest moments online. However, he also put up a very interesting video where he pondered what it would have been like if he didn’t say yes to WWE. He didn’t name the company directly, but who else was he saying yes to?

“Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I didn’t pick up that phone. If I didn’t say yes. If I would have stuck to the plan that I had for me. If life would have been easier or even harder.”


“I wonder if they would have even noticed me if I would even be in the position that I am right now. Don’t you ever wonder if you made the right decision? The right choice. If you would have acted off your mind instead of your head? I wonder.”

It sounds like Lio Rush has a lot to think about right now. The fact remains that he can cut promos like this and perform in the ring. He is a value elsewhere so WWE won’t be letting him out of his contract.

Mike Johnson reports that Lio Rush is headed back to NXT and it was also reported that he could be in for “hard reset” for his character. If this more genuine Lio Rush is a sign of what could be to come it might be a huge change of pace from the usual Man Of The Hour’s demeanor.

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