Lio Rush is the Man Of The Hour and when he has the chance to speak he usually delivers. He is still on RAW pretty much every week, but he doesn’t get the time that he would like with the fans.

In a recent Instagram announcement, Lio Rush explained why he started a Cameo account. If you’re not familiar with the service fans can pay celebrities for a short message. It can be for a birthday or whatever the occasion.

Rush said that he gets asked by his fans when he will be doing an appearance or meet and greet. Lashley’s hypeman said that he would love to do more meet & greets, but the reality is he doesn’t control his appearance scheduled. Therefore, he started a cameo service so he can do a personal meet & greet where ever he is.

If you think that sounds like a cop-out to get a quick buck, to be fair, Lio Rush is only charging $20 and compared to other WWE personalities that is on the low side. For example, Paige charges $100, Brutus Beefcake charges $50, and Bianca Belair charges $25. You can also get a message from Corey Graves for $35 or Kayla Braxton for $40.

Harry Kettle

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