Ryback is no longer with WWE after his 2016 exit, but he is still advocating for the employees of the company he used to call his home.

The Big Guy has fired shots at WWE in the past and also revealed threatening legal document he received from the company in the process. The would love to see wrestlers union in WWE and says that soon everyone will know what the company is all about.

While discussing the grueling WWE travel schedule on Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback said that you have to adapt to WWE’s busy schedule because it never lets up.

The former IC Champion also brought up how he’s surprised Superstars haven’t been killed on their travels as WWE requires them to make long stretches of road on a constant basis to make the many events they book Superstars to appear on.


“You’ve got to adapt quickly to the schedule and [you’re] hurting all the time. That’s one of the best things about not being on the road. You wake up and it is just one thing after another. Because it is never-ending. There is no offseason or nothing […] It is an adjustment for talent, booking your hotels, booking your rental cars, WWE takes care of your flights. But you must be good with your money. You are not just a professional wrestler. You’re a professional driver.”

“I’m shocked that there have not been any deaths. Driving on one-way roads with semi-trucks. There have been nights I have been driving with my head bobbing, drinking my tenth coffee just to stay awake because I’m going on 45 minutes of sleep doing media in the morning. It’s a grueling schedule for the talent.”

Ryback is championing those who can’t speak openly on the subject because they are currently in WWE. He still has many friends with the company and he obviously just wants the best for them.

WWE is still the worldwide leader in sports entertainment, but it isn’t easy being a Superstar.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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