Ashley Massaro sadly passed away at 39-years-old. She was survived by her daughter Alexa and millions of fans all around the WWE Universe. Now her true story is being told.

Massaro’s affidavit was recently released from a class-action lawsuit she was involved in at the time of her death. This affidavit included chilling details about a rape she endured at the hands of a member of the US Military while on a WWE trip and how Vince McMahon advised her not to tell anyone.

WWE released a statement following Massaro’s passing where they revealed an email they claim she sent them in October 2018 where she apologized for suing the company. However, Massaro’s attorney has a different story to tell.

Ashley Massaro’s attorney Konstantine Kyros told the New York Post that he was totally unaware that Ashley sent any such email to WWE.


“She was being represented by me. She never withdrew from the case, she never stopped being my client, and her case is currently pending. It’s not a credible statement that she sent an email refuting the case.”

The content in the affidavit that Massaro wrote is heartbreaking to read, however, it is a part of her history with WWE. Ryback has since commented about these allegations saying that he knows Massaro was telling the truth.

All of the controversy in this situation will never bring Ashley Massaro back. She tragically passed in an apparent suicide by hanging, but the most we can do is spread the message she so desperately wanted to be told.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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