WWE Superstars Were Told Different Money In The Bank Ending Until Just Before The Match Started

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Money In The Bank is now over and Brock Lesnar is Mr. Money In The Bank much to a lot of people’s surprise including those who were actually in the MITB ladder match.

If you would like to read up on the Money In The Bank results you can click here.

Sean Ross Sapp said on Fightful’s Post MITB wrap up show that people backstage were told that Ali would be winning the Money In The Bank ladder match. Ali was even under this impression. Then “right before the match” they were smartened up on the real plans.

“Most people backstage were told that Mustafa Ali was winning until like right before the match and I mean him too, like right before the match.”

It had to have been a huge let down for Ali to discover that his Money In The Bank dream was being pulled because Brock Lesnar was going to take it. Therefore, people were told Ali was winning to keep the Lesnar news from leaking out

Ali was in the perfect position to win the match, but WWE wanted to keep Lesnar’s return a secret which they did pull off. They just had to tell a few white lies in the process.

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