WWE Employees ‘Hate’ The Wild Card Rule Calling It ‘A Crutch’

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Vince McMahon had a great idea when he invented the Wild Card Rule. This was, of course, something he came up with on the day that he announced it for the world.

McMahon already changed the Wild Card Rule meaning four Superstars can jump ship at a time and there could be a loophole which would allow eight Superstars to make a brand jump as long as they’re part of a tag team.

Needless to say, it is getting a bit confusing. It is also causing some issues with the SmackDown house show on Monday nights.

Sean Ross Sapp said on Fightful’s MITB wrap-up show that he’s spoken to people in the company and all but one of the people he’s spoken to hates the idea of the Wild Card Rule.

“Here’e hoping they end that Wild Card. All but one person I’ve spoken to in the company hates the idea of the Wild Card. They hate it. Several of them stated that ‘Oh I wouldn’t hate it if it was one person on a show, but it’s a crutch.'”

Not only is the Wild Card Rule being used as a crutch to bring in bigger names to each brand, but it is also pushing other guys out of the spotlight.

This is especially true on SmackDown since they have an hour less of programming and guys like Chad Gable have been pushed back and not seen since the Superstar Shake-Up.

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