How Braun Strowman Caused Heat On Himself After Botching WrestleMania Spot

Braun Strowman can reportedly be his own worst enemy backstage in WWE. This was amplified by the fact that he botched spots at WrestleMania and now he seems to have even less of a direction in the company.

Vince McMahon was upset about a botched spot from The Monster Among Men during the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the WrestleMania kickoff show. This could have gone much worse if Harper wasn’t involved.

Fightful reports that the botched spot in the battle royal involved Harper who wasn’t happy at all about this mistake. Braun Strowman reportedly “forgot his spot and Ali ended up hurt in the match.”

Ali later confirmed that he was okay after taking a scary bump, but it was not in the plan for him to take such a risk.

Strowman hit Harper with a stiff kick as well which didn’t help things. Also, while Harper was trying to catch Ali during his dangerous fall the former Wyatt Family member hurt his “back and/or shoulder trying to keep [Ali] from flying out of control.”

It was also reported that Braun Strowman later thought that he did nothing wrong. This also caused a bit of tension backstage that further escalated the situation.

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