WWE has a few Superstars who want out of the company, but WWE has a new method of dealing with people who publicly speak out about wanting their release. Because WWE can always tack on more time to contracts and they are doing just that.

Harper made very public WWE release request and he had months added to his time. Dash Wilder found himself in the exact same situation too with more time added to his contract. Now that WWE is using this strategy, Superstars are starting to get a little more cautious about asking for their release.

Sean Sapp explained some of the backstage perception behind these recent situations during Fightful Select’s Q&A. He said that as childish and vindictive as it might be for WWE to do this it seems to be harboring a new attitude backstage with Superstars who want to leave the company.

“Everybody likes Harper, that’s the thing and everybody likes The Revival too and their work ethic. So I mean yeah, it’s very childish it’s very vindictive and now people are getting a little less likely to speak out because they don’t want time tacked on.”


“Now here’s the thing somebody who’s afraid for their job security should pretend that they want out and then get time tacked on that’s the strategy man, but yeah a lot of unhappiness and a lot of people talking about quite frankly the balls on The Revival to pass up collectively a million dollars a year.”

WWE doesn’t want to let Superstars leave right now. They used to release a handful of people every so often, but this is not the case anymore. The professional wrestling landscape has simply changed that dramatically in the past few months.

Now it seems that WWE is going to be adding time to as many contracts as they can. This tactic seems to be working because Vince McMahon doesn’t want the public perception that Superstars want to leave the company. Therefore, any way that they can keep people from voicing those opinions could be considered a win in his book.

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