WWE’s Plan To Bury The Revival Might Backfire On Them

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The Revival told WWE that they wanted their release months ago, but instead, the company promised them a push. This resulted in a RAW Tag Team Title run and everything seemed to be going well for the Top Guys.

All of that changed for Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson when they wouldn’t sign new five-year contracts worth $550,000 a year. That is a lot of money to give up, but they wanted to wait and see how things played out this year in WWE.

It looks like WWE is taking every chance to bury and embarrass The Revival that they can. This included a segment on RAW last week where both Top Guys acted like their bathing suit area was on fire.

WWE’s plan is to make The Revival look like jobbers and discredit them so they won’t have value anywhere else. However, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted the current smarter fans in the IWC might just look at this situation and only gravitate more toward The Revival.

I wonder if they bury The Revival so much that the fans will see through it and it’ll actually get them hotter as a mistake when the idea is to make them look like such geeks they’ll have no credibility if and when they leave.

It would be a big mistake for WWE to make if they ended up making bigger stars out of Dawson and Wilder because apparently, that’s not what they want to do. During RAW last week the only video the company uploaded to YouTube was the segment with The Usos and The Revival. This might have been done as a way to make sure as many fans saw the embarrassment as possible, but the exposure was still there for Dash and Dawson.

WWE might not be making any merch for the Top Guys, but they could find a way around that as well. That segment on RAW certainly got people talking about The Revival so maybe this isn’t the worst thing for their careers.

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